Timothy watches Juanita in the nestbox

I was finishing off the new coop today – I had just mounted the nestbox in its new position on the back wall of the new coop: Timothy was sitting in the coop with me to keep me company, when Juanita came in to lay her egg.

Timothy was fascinated – he could barely contain his excitement but was VERY good and didn’t jump. He was shivering because it was so cold, but he sat still so that he could keep watching her. I got him his jumper for the second and third videos.

This is the first time Juanita had been in the nestbox in its new position – mounted on the wall in the new coop. She lays blue eggs – the egg in the nestbox is hers from yesterday.

He got bored watching her at the end of this video, but he had studied her for over 15 minutes by then.

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