Spring 2006 – the worst weather for decades

March 2006 was the coldest driest worst weather for decades, apparently. On the first day of spring the garden was as bare as it was in January last year. That said, last summer was rather dismal anyway, for all the warm weeks in March that we had enjoyed.This year’s summer will be good. The crows have built their nest very high up the silver birch in next door’s garden, and there is frog spawn in the middle of the pond. Actually, there is frog spawn all over the pond – at the sides, in the middle, near the middle, just below the middle and just to the side of the middle. There must be at least ten clumps altogether.I don’t think that many of the young frogs will make it past the hens, let alone their first birthday, but if they did, and if they then return next year, we will indeed have full house in our pond.(Photo: Chelle ate the frogspawn last year! This year we have a fence around the pond to give it some protection!)

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